Implementation of human capital and talent management software made easy

The range of services, market presence and total cost of ownership of digital human capital management and talent management solutions are all factors that companies need to consider if they are to introduce a modern cloud-based model. The British human resources analyst Fosway tries to meet the high demand for consulting services, at least for the European market. Recently he presented the updated analysis model “Fosway 9-Grids”. The relevant providers are thus to be presented in graphic and textual form and demystified. It should become clear to what extent software solutions can meet the specific requirements of companies.

Fosway’s analysis model has been published six years ago and is based on research and findings from the company’s own research network as well as on market profiling, briefings and customer feedback. With its annual publication frequency, the company also succeeds in responding to trends in the industry. David Wilson, CEO of the Fosway Group, looks to the future and says: “Customers with cloud-based human resources systems will benefit from innovations in people analytics and artificial intelligence. “Fosway 9-Grids” for HCM and ITM can be downloaded free of charge as a registered user at the URL . According to Fosway, the update of the analyses for LMS and eLearnings is planned for January 2019 and will then also be available there.

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