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eLearning SUMMIT 2021

What’s new at the eLearning SUMMIT 2021?

“For this year we designed the new eSUMMIT, that can be carried out regardless of the pandemic situation. Accordingly, our sponsors have the choice to use our online and on-site events jointly or separately. Furthermore, we will continue with our new L&D Speed Geeking format. 831 attendees registered for its premier in December 2020. In 2021 the L&D Speed Geeking will take place monthly and allow attractive market encounters in an elevator pitch ambience. However, for market players who want set specific thematic priorities can choose our themated webinars on agenda setting.”
How many attendees can be expected at the eLearning SUMMIT 2021?
“In 37 events last year, the eLearning SUMMIT reached over 12,500 registered attendees. For 2021 we expect that 15,000 up to 20,000 L&D professionals will register for our events.”

“The insights into the complex projects, problems and solutions at the SUMMIT are extremely interesting, as are the diverse contacts you meet throughout the tour.”

Britta Sieg

Head of Training and Development
Coffee Fellows GmbH

“Every year we take part in the eLearning SUMMIT Tour. We really appreciate the authentic experience, the presentation of innovative ideas and the exchange with experts at eye level. You benefit constructively as well as collectively from the eLearning SUMMIT”

Victoria Kesting
Business Psychologist MBP
TARGO Versicherungen

“Since the beginning of the SUMMIT Tour, it has been a fixed date in my calendar. The variety of topics, the innovative formats, the networking and communication at eye level make the visit a joyful “must event”.”

Volker Kunze
Team Manager

“I have been able to take part in several events on the eLearning SUMMIT Tour in recent years. I particularly appreciated the exchange with experts, but also with other attendees. ”

Gerd Schumacher
Consultant & Trainer
DB Training, Learning & Consulting

eLearning SUMMIT Tour

Digital transformation in times of the pandemic

L&D project managers as well as the providers desire the personal exchange and business preparation after almost all major events in 2020 had to be canceled. The eLearning SUMMIT Tour 2021 fulfills this need of the market.

  • Event Length: 8 Hours, 9:00 – 17:00 CEST
  • Attendees: max. 100
  • Registration needed
  • Reserved seats for SUMMIT Card holders
  • Ticket: EarlyBird for 199,- € instead of 249,- €


What is the difference between the eSUMMIT and the SUMMIT Tour?

The new eSUMMIT is the digital component of the hybrid conference series 2021. In particular, the eSUMMIT Breakout Sessions provide the sponsor panels the opportunity to directly engage with the customers. Even under Corona-related shifts of individual SUMMIT Tour on-site events, the eSUMMIT will take place no matter what and thus offer everyone involved planning security.

  • Event Length: 8 hours, 9:00 – 15:00 CEST
  • Attendees: max. 200
  • Registration needed
  • Reserved seats for SUMMIT Card holders
  • Ticket: EarlyBird for 49,- € instead of 99,- €

L&D Speedgeeking

The fast format for direct market encounters

The premiere of L&D Speed Geekings in December 2020 with 831 registrations represents the event with the largest number of attendees in the history of the eLearning SUMMIT. In response to popular demand, the new digital format will enable targeted market encounters on a monthly basis.

  • Event Length: 125 Min.
  • Attendees: Max. 400
  • Reserved seats for SUMMIT Card holders
  • Dates: Monthly, on fridays
  • Free, Registration needed

SUMMIT Webinars

Tailor-made: Customized sales pitch

With 380 registered attendees and 18 events last year, our webinar series was a complete success. With this in mind, the thematic webinars will provide also in 2021 the sponsors the opportunity to address specific topics as thought leaders as well as to generate custom-fit leads.

  • Event Length: 60 Min.
  • Attendees: max. 300
  • Reserved seats for SUMMIT Card holders
  • Free, Registration needed