eLearning BENCHMARKING Study 2018 - Partial study: Mobile Learning in practical usage

Mobile Learning has been one of the big trends in the eLearning industry for several years now. On paper, the general conditions are conceivably good; after all, the prevalence of mobile devices has never been higher, and the majority of employees in German-speaking countries are familiar with the use of smartphones and the like. The costs for smartphones and tablets have also fallen if the latest generation is not to be used. The following evaluation provides current figures, data and assessments that provide a more in-depth look at the status of Mobile Learning within in-company training in the German-speaking world.


Chapter 1: From the hype to establishment
Learning always and everywhere – that is the promise with which Mobile Learning has been advertised for years. However, previous eLearning BENCHMARKING studies have shown that mobile end devices have a much more difficult status in in-company training than one might think based on the hype. In the following chapter, the current spread of Mobile Learning in German-speaking countries as well as the reasons and obstacles for the use of Mobile Learning will be discussed.

Chapter 2: Learning content for Mobile Learning
As already mentioned in the previous chapter, learning content plays a decisive role for the successful use of Mobile Learning, in addition to the technical infrastructure. After all, the added value of increased flexibility through smartphones and tablets is significantly limited if the existing learning offering is not optimized for use on mobile devices and if it causes frustration rather than motivation among learners. The next chapter will discuss the extent to which learning content has already been optimized for Mobile Learning and which learning formats are suitable for use on smartphones and tablets.

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