eLearning BENCHMARKING Study 2018 - Partial study: Digital Transformation & Education

The digitization of the German-speaking economy continues unabated. Around three quarters of German companies are now open to digitization and invest an average of 4.6% of their annual turnover in IT security solutions, collaboration tools, in-house online shops, data analysis software or the development of digital products. This is shown by the results of the trend study „Digitization – Germany finally on the leap?“ conducted by Bitkom Research on behalf of Tata Consultancy Services. With current figures, data and assessments, the present evaluation offers an in-depth look at the effects of digital transformation on in-company initial and continuing vocational training.


Chapter 1: Digital Competences – Between Demand and Reality
The digital transformation is changing not only the technical infrastructure, but also in particular the demands on the skills of the company‘s own employees. Thanks to new technologies and a rapidly changing working world, employees increasingly need digital skills in addition to specialist and social skills. But what are „digital competences“? How widespread are these competences in German-speaking companies and how are they determined? What influence do digital competences have on in-company initial and continuing vocational training? These are just some of the questions addressed in this chapter.

Chapter 2: Informal and individualized Learning
Changing competency requirements and increased training needs are not the only effects of digitization on operational development programs. Due to new technical possibilities and changes in user behavior, learning is increasingly taking place digitally rather than in the classroom and is becoming more individual, mobile and informal. The following chapter provides an overview of the relevance of informal and individualized learning in the course of digital transformation and the current use of these two approaches in German-speaking companies.

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