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For 10 years now, the eLearning Journal has been using the eLearning BENCHMARKING study to investigate the use of digital media in vocational education and training in Europe. For this purpose, we host a Community of Practice with 160,000+ eLearning professionals that is connected to our Social Media Ecosystem with 100,000+ followers.

The eLearning BENCHMARKING study is made up of various substudies, in each year different practice-relevant topics are examined. This provides deep insights into the eLearning practice of the European economy including current benchmarking figures on the current use of eLearning measures as well as expected trends and future developments in the coming years.

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The editorial evaluation of the eLearning BENCHMARKING Study 2021 also includes international study results within the scope of the provider study. As in previous years, the national survey focused primarily on companies in Europe using eLearning. In addition, both national and international eLearning service providers were invited to participate in the 2021 eLearning BENCHMARKING Study. In total, 1000+ eLearning professionals took part.

Download the example sub-study here!

Preview: eLearning BENCHMARKING Study 2022

In this year, the editorial staff of the eLearning Journal will continue to provide new insights into the providers market of digital learning solutions with the eLearning BENCHMARKING Study 2022.


Start: May 2022

Key Topics

Educational Technology, Digital Didactics, Digital Training, Future Skills, Talent Management


The editorially evaluated study will be published in autumn 2022.