Introducing the Allianz Olympic and Paralympic Partnership Academy

Allianz is the Worldwide Insurance Partner of the Olympic & Paralympic Movements from 2021 – 2028 and one of 15 companies in the world that hold the global sponsorship rights.

To leverage the partnership’s full potential, Allianz faces the challenge of onboarding and enabling all its operating entities in 70 markets with over 150,000 employees in the 3 key pillars of People, Business and Brand. Despite the unprecedented challenge of Covid-19 in early 2020, the Enablement & Training team implemented a comprehensive, flexible, and fully digital training program to ensure global onboarding and accessibility targets, laying the foundation of the “Allianz Olympic and Paralympic Partnership Academy.”

Part of the global Academy is the “Allianz Olympic and Paralympic Partnership Learning Platform”. This is an integrated digital learning solution with fully personalized content, highly interactive interfaces, global reach, and compelling learning formats which ensure that selected Allianz employees become experts and can activate the partnership in their respective markets. It is also designed to create awareness among all the employees about the partnership, generate engagement and keep them informed and excited for the Olympic & Paralympic Games. Allianz further aims to leverage the partnership to strengthen the Allianz brand and develop new business opportunities.

Characteristics – With focus on inclusivity and global reach

So, what does the learning platform offer? The Academy platform not only facilitates the learning process, but also makes content creation and editing easy and accessible via the authoring function. It can be used as a content management system (CMS) or as a learning management system (LMS) and e-learning platform that enables collaborative, agile, and cross-media learning content creation through business experts. Engaging learning formats, such as animated videos, chat bots, and expert channels, relevant deep-dive topics and interactive quizzes help employees learn more effectively and create excitement for the partnership within the Allianz Group.

Being an inclusive and diverse employer, Allianz reiterates the importance of equal and accessible working conditions for disabled employees. The platform includes keyboard navigation or screen-reading and also explores the values of the Paralympic Movement. The platform also guarantees the full geographical global reach even to markets with strict access regulations, ensuring every single employee of Allianz can access the platform. Hence, this digital solution tool can be easily tailored to fit the needs of any Allianz units or market, making it one of the best performing platforms in terms of adaptability.

Being an internal learning platform in the Allianz Group with full global reach, the “Allianz Olympic and Paralympic Partnership Academy Learning Platform” is expected to decrease the overall cost for Learning & Development drastically, reduce the number of classroom training sessions and travel costs by nearly 100% and, increase content creation without affecting the integrity of a distinctive learning experience. Additionally, enquiries from customers (learners) are expected to decrease by around 50%, due to the digital expert channel function which will leverage the FAQs and peer learning.

Customized content catered to individual needs

The platform provides all relevant knowledge about the Olympic and Paralympic Movements in one place – anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Currently the digital learning solution has two sub-sections customized to different target groups – one for the experts that need to manage the partnership’s activation, and one for all Allianz employees worldwide.

The “Allianz Olympic & Paralympic Partnership Academy for Olympic & Paralympic Movements (OPM) Experts” area aims to provide comprehensive and well-structured learning journeys for experts with tailored content on diverse topics, from activating the partnership and empowering employees to developing the business and leveraging brand values. It also includes a “Train the Trainer” section with a Para-athlete as learning guide. The learning content is systematically customized and divided into the pillars on which the partnership is based, such as Movements (e.g., all about the Olympic and Paralympic Movements), People (i.e., for HR experts), Business (i.e., for Sales and Distribution experts), Brand (i.e., for Marketing experts), and Market Fundamentals (e.g., fundamentals relevant to all experts).

The “Allianz Olympic and Paralympic Partnership Learning Platform for All” section, in turn, is designed to ensure that all Allianz employees worldwide know about the  partnership through the modules ‘The Movements’ (where they can know more about the Olympic and Paralympic Movements), ‘The Partnership’ (where they can learn about the partnership and strategy) and ‘Your Benefits’ (where they can find out what the partnership means for them and how to get involved).

The Bottom Line

In short, the “Allianz Olympic and Paralympic Partnership Academy Learning Platform” is the one-stop-shop for all enablement and training initiatives and offerings related to this partnership. Designed to promote learning retention, the platform creates excitement and engages Allianz’s learners to get involved in making the partnership a success.