Ugochukwu O. Matthew, Engr. Dr. Jazuli S. Kazaure – Education in Industry 4.0

Disruptive Education Technology & Automation of Industry 4.0: AI, Industry 4.0 & Education Automation

Authors: Ugochukwu O. Matthew, Engr. Dr. Jazuli S. Kazaure
Publishing Company: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
Price: $85.00 (paperback)
ISBN: (paperback) 978-6202816038
Published: September 28, 2020

Technology advancement will provide the basis for industry 4.0, to remodel the educational business and economic topologies in the coming years. In quantifying the effects of the twenty first century digital automation on the industrial workforce, we also looked at the influence of technology on the advancement of research and education. The application of internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud technology and big data in the knowledge engineering will diminish the figure of employees engaged in quality control manic operation, thereby intensifying the exigency for the scientific evolution. The book highlights that the future research will consolidate on adoption of augmented reality (AR) innovation and the application of such technologies in developing educational research such as AR in computer science-engineering.