David Kergel, Birte Heidkamp-Kergel – Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy

E-Learning and E-Didactics: Learning in the Digital Age

Authors: David Kergel, Birte Heidkamp-Kergel
Publishing Company: Independently Published
Price: $2.99 (kindle)
Published: February 5, 2021

E-learning is an issue from social policy to in-house employee qualifications. One crucial challenge is to develop concrete implementation. E-learning creates a need for practical methods with low-threshold accesses for teachers and learners. Basically, it can be said that e-learning is not a ‘method,’ but that there are many different variants of e-learning. This conceptual and methodological openness of e-learning makes the question of didactic strategies relevant. Following from this, one objective of this book is to offer systematic access to e-learning.