Stephen Billett – Effective Workplace Learning

Learning In The Workplace: Strategies for effective practice

Author: Stephen Billett
Publishing Company: Routledge
Price: $25.60 (kindle), $29.95 (paperback), $160.00 (hardcover)
ISBN: (paperback) 978-1865083643, (hardcover) 978-0367718596
Published: February 11, 2021

Learning does not stop when you leave school or tertiary studies, but continues throughout life. The workplace is now seen as an important learning environment, and businesses and government units are encouraged to become ‘learning organizations’. This is all very well in theory, but how does learning actually occur in the workplace? Drawing on research of a wide variety of workplaces in different countries, Stephen Billett analyses the strengths and limitations of ‘on-the-job’ learning. Learning in the Workplace offers a comprehensive pedagogy for the workplace. It is a valuable reference for human resource practitioners and students in courses on professional development and adult and vocational learning.