Rance Greene – Storytelling + Instructional Design

Instructional Story Design: Develop Stories That Train

Authors: Rance Greene
Publishing Company: Association for Talent Development
Price: $16.99 (kindle), $32.99 (paperback)
ISBN: (paperback) 978-1950496594
Published: April 8, 2020

Instructional Story Design is a practical guide to writing and developing stories for training. It takes what you already know about a story’s power to connect with people and offers a clear methodology for the otherwise daunting process of creating a compelling story. This book offers advice for unearthing the root of the performance problem, creating action lists for learners, and convincing stakeholders about the effectiveness of stories. Case studies from household companies such as Pizza Hut, Southwest Airlines, and PepsiCo show story design in action. Job aids and resources include an audience profile questionnaire, character description worksheet, storyboard template, and tips for developing stories using graphics, audio, and video.