Peggy Maki, Peter Shea – Going Digital

Transforming Digital Learning and Assessment: A Guide to Available and Emerging Practices and Building Institutional Consensus

Authors: Peggy Maki, Peter Shea
Publishing Company: Stylus Publishing
Price: $30.00 (kindle), $37.50 (paperback), $125.00 (hardcover)
ISBN: (paperback) 978-1620369876, (hardcover) 978-1620369876
Published: February 12, 2021

This book provides higher education leaders with the context they need to position their institutions in the changing online environment and with guidance to build support in a period of transition. It is intended for campus leaders and administrators who work with campus teams charged with identifying learning technologies to meet an agreed upon program- or institution-level educational needs; for those coordinating across campus to build consensus on implementing online strategies; and for instructional designers, faculty developers and assessment directors who assist departments and faculty effectively integrate learning technologies into their courses and programs. It will also appeal to faculty who take an active interest in improving online teaching.