Nikhil Raval – Understanding Gen-Z

Target Gen Z: Your Guide to Understanding The Gen Z’s Mindset On Brands, Work-Life, Learning & More

Author: Nikhil Raval
Publishing Company: Penman Books
Price: $5.99 (kindle), $9.99 (paperback)
ISBN: (paperback) 979-8717639972
Published: March 6, 2021

Well, look no further. Target Gen Z is your one-stop place to all the answers. In this unique memoir-style book, Nikhil provides first-hand insights into all these questions and more. He brings to you his most contemporary experiences in the domain of Leadership & Talent Development with firms across the Globe. The book unveils simple and lucid explanations to decoding ‘Gen Z’ (post-millennial generation) and endows you with a deep understanding of this newest Generation with aspects to Work-Life, Brands, Learning, and more. So, whether you are a Boss managing young talent, an Educator in school or college, a Marketer creating brands or simply a Parent of Gen Z, this book unleashes the necessary wisdom to knowing your Gen Z better.