Lisa J. Koss – Developmental Coaching

Leading for Learning: How Managers Can Get Business Results through Developmental Coaching and Inspire Deep Employee Commitment

Author: Lisa J. Koss
Publishing Company: Stylus Publishing
Price: $31.16 (kindle), $36.40 (paperback), $136.45 (hardcover)
ISBN: (paperback) 978-0367534837, (hardcover) 978-0367369361
Published: October 9, 2020

People do their best work when they are motivated. This may sound obvious, but while people managers instinctively agree with the centrality of motivation at work and its impact on employee engagement, their practices do not follow. With so much “”real work”” to do every day, how can managers also carve out time to learn, engage, build relationships, tap motivation, encourage development, and inspire? The problem is a false dichotomy between the world of business and that of people development. What if managers were able to systematically transform everyday business issues into meaningful, developmental coaching opportunities with employees at the same time? This proven coaching approach radically shifts conversations away from either-or propositions and uses an entirely different lens: transforming business challenges by connecting them directly to employee motivation to achieve the desired business result while dramatically increasing employee engagement.