Stella Collins – Psychology and Neuroscience for L&D

Neuroscience for Learning and Development: How to Apply Neuroscience and Psychology for Improved Learning and Training (2nd Edition)

Author: Stella Collins
Publishing Company: Kogan Page
Price: $39.95 (kindle) , $31.96 (paperback) , $120.00 (hardcover)
ISBN:  (paperback) 978-0749493264, (hardcover) 978-1789660098
Published: August 3, 2019

Neuroscience for Learning and Development introduces the latest research and concepts, equipping L&D and training professionals with an understanding of the inner workings of the mind. Covering areas such as how to create effective learning environments, promoting motivation and how to make learning ‘stickier’ through the use of stories, the book offers practical tools and ideas that can be applied in a variety of contexts, from digital learning and in-person training sessions, to coaching conversations, to lectures and presentations.
Neuroscience for Learning and Development also features insights from L&D practitioners who have applied these approaches. Readers will not only find new techniques they can implement straight away, but will also discover research that backs up what they are already doing well, enabling them to put convincing cases to budget holders.