Nazanin Tadjbakhsh Ph.D. – Impactful Training

Learning and Development in Practice: How to Create Training Programs That Make an Impact

Author: Nazanin Tadjbakhsh Ph.D.
Publishing Company: THORSONS
Price: $19.99 (kindle) , $25.99 (paperback) , $18.29 (hardcover)
ISBN:  (paperback) 978-0578643809
Published: April 14, 2020

Learning and Development in Practice was designed to provide training and development practitioners with practical and simple, yet powerful strategies and tools so that they can create the most impactful and effective training programs. This book is filled with easy-to-use techniques that can be used in practice for nimble, innovative, and forward-looking practitioners who want to design and deploy just-in-time, highly relevant training programs that make an impact for individuals and drive results for organizations.