This is how the internal marketing campaign for your LMS succeeds

marketingHagen im Bremischen (Germany) | As a company you made the decision to use eLearning and you are about to introduce a learning management system. But what can you  do to ensure that the development of your knowledge base is a complete success? – In general, the same market principles apply to learning as elsewhere. This means that the learners want to be attracted by the new approach and  convinced of its usability. For this purpose, 3 ideas are given below.

Free gifts

As simple as this marketing strategy may seem, the psychological effect of it can always be measured. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to think intensively about which objects can attract attention tothe benefits of your learning platform.. Whether this is the classic coffee mug, T-shirt, briefcase or USB stick, each company must decide for itself. It is important to ensure that the new learning platform is quickly visible to the workforce.

Banner advertising

How do you get attention? – For example, through a striking banner on the starting page of your intranet. Click and registration data can also be collected easily. So why not try it out for yourself!

Allocate giveaways and extra services for a limited period of time to create pressure to act!

A new learning platform can make an impression on the learner. Even more, if the registration step and looking around are suggested to him in an attractive way. So that the desired effect can be achieved quickly and in a targeted manner, pressure to act should be created for the employee at the same time by means of a time limit. The mechanisms are therefore the same as in the distribution of products or services. So why not offer the first applicants a few additional benefits such as exclusive content with a fun factor?

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