How to produce videos for eLearning

videoproductionHagen im Bremischen (Germany) | If there’s one thing that’s gotten trendy lately, it’s educational videos. After all, the young generation of learners and the Youtube generation in particular do not like to read long texts in order to acquire new knowledge. But how to produce high-quality learning videos as a professional educator?– Here are some memorable tips!

– Show appreciation at the shooting location! 

No matter whether you want to produce a video for vocational or company training,the filming locations are often also workplaces. So show gratitude and appreciation to everyone who is involved. . In addition, data protection aspects must also be taken into account. Nobody should be forced to be happy in front of the camera and  voluntariness should be the order of the day.

– Think about the make-up!

The learning experience will depend on such little things as the makeup. So you are well advised to cover up the acne of your actors, for example. Because this is the only way to get actors in the final film version who all seem ready for the next beauty contest.

– Even a professional setting needs props and lighting!

Please leave nothing to chance! Make sure  to include t useful props in your preparations for the shooting! After all, individual props are necessary to emphasiseimportant aspects in the learning video. This is the only way to ensure that the learner understands and thus achieves the desired educational goal. The same applies to the lighting. It may at first seem unusual to place additional lamps in the working environment – but this is a necessary step in order toensure that a high-quality video recording is possible.

– Take professional advice!

Don’t be scared if you don’t know anything about video cameras and image settings. However, you should seek advice from professionals and explain them your didactic approach. Together you can develop the right approach to makes the video a success. And while you’re at it, include  a sound engineer as well so nothing can go in terms of the audio and video quality. And perhaps you should even seekan expertfor the final touches such as the video editing?

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