What elements your mobile learning strategy should include

mobile learningHagen im Bremischen (Germany) | Mobile Learning is a modern and efficient form of learning. Yet, in order for it to develop its full effect, it is advisable to develop an appropriate deployment strategy. You will find 4 tips for important elements of this strategy below.

Offline availability

This is particularly important for mobile learning. After all, this form of learning allows learning anywhere and anytime. For example, as a trainee at grandma’s kitchen table or at an inspiring learning location such as a mountain or forest. However, this can only work if the app is technically available offline.

BYOD yes, but only in combination with security mechanisms!

In the area of omnipresent smartphones, the BYOD approach is worthwhile for companies from a financial point of view.This should only be used in a reflected and limited way to ensure the security of company data. Therefore, invest a part of the saved money in security mechanisms to be optimally positioned for the present and the future.

Link your Mobile Learning with your LMS! 

This tip is intended for all those companies that already have an LMS that supports Mobile Learning. And for those who can imagine a corresponding combinatorial solution in principle. Both learners and the company using the system benefit from the widest possible range of functions that can be controlled and managed via a single interface. After all, this makes it much easier to become familiar with the handling of the software.

Focus your app on your business strategy

What do you as a company want to achieve and communicate and how? – Every employee should know the answer to this question even when he or she is sleeping. The more you focus on your business strategy and development in your app, the more positive impulses in the area of your sales should be expected.

Image: © chokniti – stock.adobe.com