Global eLearning market soon worth $ 375 billion US dollars?

global elearning marketSelbyville (Delaware)/Pune (India) | There is currently growing evidence that the global eLearning market is increasingly heading for a market value of 400 billion US dollars. After the Indian market researcher Wise Guy Reports had already predicted an annual market volume of 398.15 billion US dollars in 2026, the US analyst Global Market Insights now joins in the direction of the high perceived growth momentum and predicts a market volume of 375 billion US dollars for 2026. This is impressive insofar as the US analysts generally assume lower growth than Indian analysts, which is ultimately also due to the local growth dynamics. After all, it has long been no secret that the Asian eLearning market is growing much stronger than the North American market and that this is likely to be reflected in the global forecasts that have been made.

At any rate, Global Market Insights, in its market study “E-Learning Market Size 2020-2026” published in May 2020, states a market volume of more than 200 billion US dollars for the year 2019 and assumes an average annual growth rate of 8% in the coming years. The analyst sees mobile learning and microlearning in particular, but also MOOCs, as growth drivers. However, a greater uncertainty factor for the multi-year forecast should definitely be included: How and, above all, how long the corona pandemic is likely to affect market size and in what way. Therefore, the market development remains exciting.

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