How to design a successful VR training for your company

VRHagen im Bremischen (Germany) | The use of VR can help to illustrate grey theory in a practical way and encourage employees to deal more intensively with the subject matter taught. But which aspects should actually be taken into account in the conception?

  • Do not overdo it with effects!

No matter how hip VR technology may be, don’t overdo it with effects, but use them only didactically!

  • Design realistic training scenarios!

This includes the most realistic depiction of training scenarios possible. For dangerous situations that are to be practised using VR, it is particularly important not to exaggerate when pointing out possible negative effects that occur through the virtual actions of an employee. The complete burning down of a chemical plant can therefore only be the ultima ratio in order not to unnecessarily frighten committed and learning employees.

  • Practical relevance wins!

Even if the temptation may exist to produce particularly exciting or thrilling VR scenarios and thus follow the example of bestseller games, it is much more important to ensure that the learner quickly finds his way around the virtual space and his virtual challenges. Because time is money in this aspect too.

  • Do not forget the breaks!

For efficient learning via VR, breaks for reflection are a decisive factor. And of course not only because wearing VR glasses for a long time can cause discomfort. In breaks the company can also use a query to ensure that the learning content is delivered in the way it was originally intended.

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