What form of leadership is needed in times of the corona epidemic?

leadershipHagen im Bremischen (Germany) | The exceptional situation of the corona epidemic challenges companies worldwide. In this context, the question arises as to which leadership qualities are now needed to strengthen these qualities internally through personnel development measures. The following is not intended to deal with the measures themselves, but rather with the objectives they are intended to achieve.

In these times of uncertainty, employees are looking for one thing above all: security. This is exactly what the executive must radiate. And, of course, they also have to show hope for the future. Because this is how business success can be targeted and ultimately generated even in hard times.

Especially in difficult times, it becomes apparent which employees in a leading position are actually made to lead their colleagues and which ones simply occupy an important position in the organisation chart of a company. But what is good leadership in times of crisis caused by epidemics? – It is primarily about creating trust in order to credibly invite the workforce to follow their management in their decisions and to take the strategic corporate steps that are currently in demand, thus making them effective. The creation of trust, in turn, can only be achieved by a consistent appearance of the manager; Sunday speeches or superficial appearances are not enough here. It is clear that classical leadership tasks such as developing strategies, steering projects and achieving results are important for managers. But there is so much more at stake: it is about empowering the workforce to do their best for the company. This can only work out, if managers set an inspiring example to their employees in their everyday work.

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