How to create good eLearning content for busy professionals

busy professionalsHagen im Bremischen (Germany) | For busy skilled workers in companies, time is synonymous with money. Therefore, the use of redundant elements in eLearning is out of the question for you. You can find out what else is important for adequate eLearning for this target group in the catalogue of requirements here! This should be an inspiration for your work as an internal or external eLearning professional.

  • First of all, the most important thing: Every content must add value and promote the development of knowledge! Everything else is a waste of time!
  • A precise way of expressing this is self-evident in its necessity!
  • Highlight important elements in the learning design so that you can be grasped more quickly!
  • Do not overload the eLearning scenery unnecessarily with multimedia elements! Every element must promote the development of knowledge – if it does not, it is out of place.
  • Personalise the eLearning optimally so that previous experience shortens the learning process even more!

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