How managers influence the work and learning culture of a company

manager impact working and learning cultureHagen im Bremischen (Germany) | The work of managers is really important in companies. After all, they are the ones who decisively shape the work and learning culture of a company and ensure that the economic goals of the organization are achieved. From the point of view of human resources development, the training of managers in the sense of expanding leadership skills is therefore of great strategic relevance.

From the perspective of personnel development, a specific mindset must be developed for managers. The top priority for managers must be the attitude that they are never satisfied with the results achieved in business activities, but always make efforts to achieve even greater profits and to expand their own market position. For this to succeed, a continuous learning process must be initiated among managers. Like so many other things, this in turn not only affects the managers, but always also their subordinates, since managers always have an internal multiplier effect. Above all, company managers must develop a high level of problem-solving ability and demonstrate this permanent. And, of course, they must never lose sight of their products and services from the customers’ point of view. In addition, managers also need very good communication skills to avoid misunderstanding. It could therefore be shown in a brief outline that training of managers is of great importance. According to the eLearning BENCHMARKING sub-survey Leadership & Soft Skills 2019, in the future training of managers will also increaslingly take part in digital forms.

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