What are the reasons for using an LCMS in a company?

LCMS advantagesHagen im Bremischen (Germany) | LCMS make it possible both to make learning content accessible to the workforce and to produce the content required for this purpose in the same system. So far so well known. But what are the advantages for companies?

– The less tools are in use, the easier they are to handle!

Complexity decreases when the number of tools used is low. By means of an LCMS, the distribution to the learners and the production of content for this purpose can be managed by a single software. This also has clear advantages when updating learning content, as the workload is reduced.

– Better system security possible

What applies to handling applies more to system security. The security measures must then only be checked for 1 instead of a minimum of 2 software systems or more (LMS and authoring tool/s).

– learning analytics

The analysis component can also benefit if the analysis dimension is already deeply considered in the production of the learning content.

– Costs

Advantages can be achieved not least around costs, since only 1 license is required instead of several.

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