Tackling the challenges of rapid eLearning – this is how it works!

eLearningHagen im Bremischen (Germany) | If a short processing time and cost-effective solution is required in eLearning production, we speak of Rapid eLearning. But what typical challenges do you encounter with this approach?

– Is there any suitable content at all for teaching via rapid eLearning?

The framework conditions of Rapid eLearning have already been described. However, rapid eLearning can only be used sensibly if it addresses an immediate and urgent training need. In addition, it must also be taken into consideration that updates are made, especially in the case of such comparatively fixed courses.

– Dealing with too complex or too much content

Suggested solution: The eLearning managers must then transfer their modules into shorter ones so that the complexity can be mastered. Or, in the case of too much content, focus more on the essentials.

– Use of authoring tools

In general, standalone solutions, powerpoint-based as well as cloud-based solutions are available. In any case, authoring tools have been proven to speed up course creation. Providers from the respective segment are available for questions about advantages and disadvantages.

– Limited time

A proper and binding schedule can make miracles happen here.

Good luck!

Image: © SFIO CRACHO – stock.adobe.com