Efficient Onboarding per eLearning – How it works


Hagen im Bremischen (Germany) | When onboarding in companies, the most important thing is to keep the learning time short to have a productive employee on board quickly. Digital forms of learning offer numerous possibilities here.

This is the key to designing efficient onboarding training programs:

– Training needs SMART objectives, as is the case with every project. These training goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time oriented. Be sure to do this before designing the training!

– Personalization: The better and more extensive the eLearning offers personalized functions, the faster the employee can get to work and take on and fill the position in the company that is intended for him. Even though this may involve higher costs, the investment should pay off in the long term.

– Mobile Learning: With this, learning can really take place anywhere and anytime. For example, at the bus stop, on the way to work or at the kitchen table at home.

– Microlearning: Splitting up into small learning units can often make it easier for new employees to get to grips with the content more quickly. For you, this means that you can concentrate on the essentials again and again.

– Social Learning: You should also think about this when it comes to setting up a particularly efficient digitally mediated onboarding. Because together you are always smarter than alone.

Image: © peshkov – stock.adobe.com