Talent development – thinking outside the box

talent developmentTo whom do the successful competencies of high performers in the company belong? Particularly in view of the fact that they primarily provide companies with the ability to act? – This question is particularly relevant for personnel developers when it comes to the strategic consideration of talent development and thus the view of the high performers in the company. Here it is important to realize that corporate talent first and foremost belongs to the employee himself. Companies or organisations only obtain access to these employee skills for a limited period as stipulated in the employment contract. It is only through a fair salary and other benefits or privileges that a company can secure a benevolent collaborating talent and establish further cooperation with the organization.

To contribute to the development of talent in the company, one thing above all must be ensured: The mental or actual dismissal of an employee must be avoided at all costs. Conversely, this means that employees are constantly confronted with more manageable challenges in their daily work, so that the famous phrase “You grow with the callenges” can find its application in everyday working life. Once this has been implemented in the company, a great deal has already been done to ensure that talents feel comfortable in the workplace and further develop their skills in the interests of the organisation. And that is exactly what it comes down to.

Image: © denisismagilov – stock.adobe.com