Learning Analytics gain importance in schools and universities

Learning AnalyticsPune (India) | They are becoming increasingly important in the education segment: learning analytics. This is the result of the recently updated market study “Education and Learning Analytics Market” by the Indian analyst MarketsandMarkets. The market is now expected to grow at an annual average rate of 21.5 % until 2024. In 2019, the market had a volume of 3.1 billion US dollars, which is expected to grow to 8.2 billion US dollars annually in 2024. MarketsandMarkets presented a study of 176 pages, including 45 illustrations to illustrate the perceived trends and market developments.

MarketsandMarkets sees the reason for this growth primarily in the increased benefit and necessity of data-based decisions regarding the learning process and the associated financial investments. Institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, etc. are generally the ones that demand Learning Analytics the most. Regionally, the North American market will continue to play the most important and largest role in the forecast period of the coming years.

Image: © Gorodenkoff – stock.adobe.com