Interactive specialist screens are being used more and more all over the world

interactive screenIn its recently updated market study “Interactive Flat Panels Market”, the Canadian market researcher Technavio assumes average annual sales growth of 34% for interactive flat screens in the forecast period 2019 to 2023 and attributes this fact primarily to the growing popularity of eLearning, which is also generating growth in related areas. After all, interactive screens are sometimes used for learning via eLearning, for example in schools. The year 2019 has already provided for growth of 32.16%.

At any rate, Technavio assumes in the above analysis that the corresponding world market will gradually grow by a further 32.3 billion US dollars in total over the five-year forecast period. Based on Technavio’s statements, this is also likely to account for 40% of the total growth in the APAC region alone. In his market study, the Canadian market researcher also impressively demonstrates the increasingly important position of the Asia-Pacific region in the world market for interactive flat screens.

If we compare this market study with the results of other similar studies, the following becomes clear: Due to the rather broad definition of the market chosen, the market investigated by Technavio appears to be growing much faster than the market for interactive white boards alone. The US market researcher Research Nester predicted annual market growth of only 6.23 % in the selected forecast period 2017 to 2027. Research Nester put the market value for interactive whiteboards at 3.96 Us Dollar billion for 2016. Research Nester also believes that the APAC region is likely to experience the greatest growth momentum and attributes this primarily to the planned state investments in China, India and Japan.

Image: © peshkov Р