Online courses for consumers help to prepare employees for today’s working world

Hagen im Bremischen (Germany) | Personnel developers and continuing training providers tend to focus on in-company training. After all, it is the area in which they themselves become active. And yet this view is by no means sufficient. After all, the changes within today’s working world are huge and immense effort in the form of further training and adequate acquisition of skills is needed to ensure that companies of whatever kind manage to make the leap into a digitalised form of their previous business field and do not oversleep technological change. It remains important to look at related areas that also contribute to an efficient economy. A great opportunity for society and the economy currently arises, for example, from the fact that online courses for consumers are becoming increasingly popular today and motivated employees have a wide range of options for further training. Regardless of whether it is a matter of recognising the opportunities offered by digitisation or questions of company organisation under the influence of digital working methods, for example, everything can now be done online and thus flexibly in terms of time and place and not just conventionally. And not only that, but also extensive job-related knowledge is available to consumers via eLearning. And once this content has been internalised, nothing more stands in the way of a strategic and reflective approach to the individual career. If the eLearning courses are successfully completed, the training provider often issues a corresponding certificate. And at this point at the latest, we are once again clearly in the field of action of the personnel and further training providers. Because these receive these certificates in the application process. But apart from a high motivation of a potential new employee to further develop himself/herself personally, what do you mean? – The personnel and training managers must validate this in a decisive way, i.e. they must be familiar with both the offline and online training environment and ideally also consider the acquired knowledge of the newcomers in their training.

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