AI leads to creation of new jobs and job profiles

Washington D.C.| Hardly any other technical achievement is currently likely to revolutionize the labor market to the same extent as that of artificial intelligence. This is the conclusion LinkedIn draws from its analysis of the job ads placed on the 2019 portal and the resulting ranking of “The top 10 emerging jobs in the USA” with an enormous increase in demand for labour.

As a result, the top 10 emerging jobs are: Artificial intelligence specialist, Robotics engineer, Data Scientist, Full stack engineer, Site reliability engineer, Customer success specialist, Sales development representative, Data engineer, Behavioral health technician and Cyber Security specialist. According to LinkedIn, the immense growth of these jobs is due to the current immense growth of the technology services division, which is also noticeable in related areas such as sales and product marketing. In the USA, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Seattle and Los Angeles are the cities with the highest demand for workers in the tech sector.

Artificial intelligence is also becoming increasingly important in the area of vocational training. Numerous eLearning providers have implemented the first functions based on it and are continuously optimizing them. However, many corporate eLearning users are currently still in the process of familiarising themselves with the subject. In some countries it is also necessary to take data protection aspects into account.

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