Coronavirus boosts eLearning education in China

Peking | The coronavirus outbreak has already caused immense damage to both the Chinese and the global economy. According to a Forbes report, the situation is different regarding the local eLearning industry. It is currently booming, and analysts expect additional sales growth of 3.2 billion US dollars. Because many schools are currently closed due to the risk of infection, there is a significantly increased demand for online education, which is reflected in all providers on the market. The customers of the learning measures for pupils are primarily their parents, who want to ensure that their children continue their education as planned so that they can have the best possible career.

According to the South China Morning Post, the current closure has already been set until the end of March in many regions. While the eLearning education segment is booming and the learning time at the Hong Kong company Snapask Inc. has increased by 40%, many conventional tutoring institutions that rely on face-to-face learning will get into financial difficulties and in some cases must file for insolvency. The high demand for eLearning exists, as students must write numerous exams from April to June after returning to school.

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