Global eLearning Corporate Compliance market growing

Deerfield Beach (Florida) | The US market researcher Intense Research is expecting annual growth of 13 % in the forecast period 2019 to 2024 for the global eLearning Corporate Compliance market. The market researcher also expects the annual market value to increase from 3080 million US dollar at the end of 2018 to US dollar 6420 million at the end of 2024. The Asia-Pacific region will ensure a further increase in market value, where the market is generally booming, especially in China, India, but also in South Asia. In 2017, North America still accounted for 56.02% of global sales in the eLearning Corporate Compliance market and is therefore likely to remain important in the future but will tend to become somewhat less important. Intense Research assumes, however, that a large part of the eLearning trends in the global eLearning Corporate Compliance market will continue to originate in the USA.

According to Intense Research, the now diverse learning formats are contributing to the further growth of the market. Today, compliance topics are taught both text and image-based, but also increasingly through videos and games. In addition, the growing number of rules and regulations for companies worldwide would ensure a high demand for corresponding eLearning solutions.

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