15 % growth rate in the European eLearning market

Toronto/Dublin/Berlin | In their market studies, more and more analysts are coming to the conclusion that the European eLearning market is likely to grow by around 15% per annum at present and in the coming years. After the Irish market researcher Research and Markets already came to this conclusion for the period 2019 to 2023, the Canadian market researcher Technavio now also agrees with this analysis about growth dynamics in the coming years. For 2019 itself, Technavio expects annual sales growth of 14.81 %. If the forecast made by the Canadian company is correct, the market would thus gradually grow by a further 36.25 billion US-Dollar in the forecast period 2019 to 2023 according to the calculations. The academic market segment would represent a market share of 38% and is expected to continue to play a particularly important role in the forecast period. One of the growth drivers, according to Technavio, are corresponding government initiatives to promote modern and digital forms of learning. Trends for the European eLearning market would be the integration of data analysis tools in corresponding learning solutions, but also in mobile learning and the implementation of the gamification approach in learning software. Regardless of the market segment, learners should benefit from the trends perceived by Technavio by encountering modern forms of learning aimed at improving learning efficiency.

Image: © Maksim Pasko – stock.adobe.com