Linkedin study about employee retention

A new study by Linkedin, based on the analysis of 32 million international Linkedin profiles, highlights 3 major trends in employee retention.

1.) Promotions and role changes in a company have a motivating effect

Linkedin analysts discovered from the profile data studied that consistent tasks in a company were one of the most important reasons for employees to change companies and seek a new challenge.

An employee promoted within three years had a 70% probability of staying with the company according to the analysis data. A new function by cross-skilling an employee was 62% likely to keep the employee in the company, according to the data set studied.

2.) Good managers attract good talent

Employers who are in the top 5% of their country in terms of management were more likely to retain talent in their companies. Nearly three out of five employees (56%) would accept a 10% reduction in salary if they were allowed to continue working with their boss, who is rated as a great boss, according to Linkedin’s analysis.

By contrast, only 32% of employees are likely to stay longer than three years in a poorly managed company.

3.) Talent development promotes loyalty

According to the Linkedin study, if companies take the time to develop the talents of their employees and repeatedly offer in-house management positions, the probability of a loyal team growing up increases.

On the other hand, only 35% of companies without talent development measures manage to keep their employees enthusiastic about being an employer for more than three years.

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