News from the recruiting process

Paderborn| Personnel acquisition is always looking for new ways and platforms to recruit qualified personnel. A new function that has been available to applicants in the job search since this year is “Google for Jobs”. However, despite the market power of the search engine giant, employers have so far hardly adapted to this new tool. Several job portals also see their business model threatened by this and do not cooperate with the US search engine. Indeed and Stepstone, for example, refuse to cooperate. Other platforms such as Xing, Linkedin or make their content available in a google-compliant manner and thus increase the reach of the job ads.

Only 14 of the 30 DAX companies provide their job advertisements partly optimised for “Google for Jobs”. Only 1 DAX company provides 100% of the data requested by Google for this purpose, including place of work, working hours and salary. This is the result of a study by the University of Paderborn and the search engine marketing company persomatch.

For HR professionals, further development in online recruiting remains important. Despite the low acceptance of “Google  for  Jobs” at the market launch, due to the high importance of Google, it is likely to increase in importance in general.

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