Employee commitment at a glance

Wellington (New Zealand)| Employee benefits as well as praise and appreciation have so far played an important role when it comes to promoting employee commitment in the human resources department. Adam Shapley of Hays, New Zealand, explains that many companies have focused on benefits in recent years, although recognition and appreciation is crucial, especially for top talents, both to recruit them for their own company and to keep them.

The support of employee engagement is a globally important topic at any rate and many companies make their own experiences through experiments and model projects. As part of this, the Chinese group Tiens Group sent its 6400 employees on paid leave in 2015. Apple and Facebook pay their female employees to freeze their eggs if they wish, so that they can devote themselves to their careers.

However, in a global study with participants from 157 countries, the provider Officevibe found that 63% of employees do not feel that they receive enough praise. 8% would never receive praise at all.  And yet, according to Adam Shapley of Hays in New Zealand, appreciation is important: in all companies that have moved from weak to strong recognition practices, employee engagement has more than doubled, according to HR observers. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on appreciation, but it is about the recognition of success and giving the employees the feeling to be appreciated. This is not about abstract forms of recognition, but above all about a rationally justified form of praise, which refers to the work performance itself. Good bosses know what motivates their employees and, of course, take the time to treat them as individuals.

Image: © Jacob Lund – stock.adobe.com