New Year’s resolutions of Human Resources

Hagen im Bremischen (Germany) With a lot of noise and fireworks, the year 2020 was welcomed worldwide. And what do people deal with when it comes to something as historic as a new year? – According to various opinion polls, about a quarter to half of the population are busy making their intentions for the new year. Like the population, so are the human resources professionals: they too have set themselves a lot of goals for 2020.

– Diversity and inclusion

Rhys Williams, managing director at Sigma Recruitment in Cardiff, South Wales, is keen to train in-house managers in prejudice and bias, in order to value the diversity that has come into the company even more than before. Anna Lyons, Senior Vice President of People and Culture at Alegeus, the Boston-based healthcare funding platform, also has a special ambition for diversity and inclusion in 2020. She describes her focus as follows: “From rewriting job descriptions to attract a more diverse candidate pool, to redefining how we measure organizational D&I ‘success,’ we’re looking forward to building the infrastructure to promote positive transformation both this year and for many years to come.”

– Employee retention

Sue Andrews, personnel consultant at KIS Finance in the British Devonian region, sums up her New Year’s resolution as follows: “Next year we’re going to be focusing on widening the ways that we engage with employees to ensure that we’re alerted to problems at an early stage and able to take practical steps to support staff and ensure that we can retain them. We’ll be setting up an online chat system to make it easier for staff to raise any concerns or queries directly with HR in an informal but confidential way” and will run drop-in clinics “to make it easier for staff to come forward and talk about issues and obtain practical advice to improve their employee experience.”

– Further training

Human resources managers also need it – further training. For example, Matthew W. Burr, a human resources consultant and owner of Burr Consulting in Elmira, New York, has decided to train in the field of compensation and benefits. His staff should certainly also benefit from this in the near future.

– Physical activity

Also from Matthew W. Burr comes the intention to get rid of a few pounds gained in the stress of work. Let’s go!

– Perfecting your own work through reading

For Pete Sonsowski from Poland, co-founder and Vice President of the career platform Zety, his main goal for 2020 is to hire great people and continually learn how to do things right by reading the literature.

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