Video and audio recruiting as a new trend?

Hamburg | Cover letter, CV and co. increasingly no longer seem to be the measure of all things. Instead, video and audio formats are trending. The Hamburg agency deepblue networks, for example, is using Alexa devices to advertise. With the request “Open deepblue” the application process starts with six test questions. Questions are like: “In the team a new idea is discussed. All colleagues find these really good. But you don’t.  What are you doing?”. At the end the application including the applicant data from the Amazon account goes by mail to deepblue. This year, the agency has already hired 5 employees using this recruitment method.

For the applicant, the removal of written elements has numerous advantages – so there is no need to fill out forms and not to type a letter. This is particularly appealing to those who prefer to speak rather than write and have no desire to write a text in order to apply.

For employers, evaluability is the key challenge for both video and audio ratings. The presentation of a motivation letter with 500 words per video message in front of the camera takes 3 minutes, whereas independent reading would take between 30 seconds and 1.5 minutes. In any case, the recruiters can click their way directly to the next video if an applicant is out of the question and are not under the obligation of courtesy to give the interview a length customary in the industry. In the future, AI-based applications that carry out the evaluation automatically could provide a remedy in the field of evaluation possibilities.

Technically, however, there are already various solutions for audio and video recruitment. For example, the personnel consultancy BetterHeads offers a software called Talk & Go, which allows you to apply verbally via smartphone. You will be asked about the classics such as “What did you do last?”, so that you can use this information to create a CV. Finally, the recruiting company again has a text document at its disposal for the selection of applicants. At the latest then you can proceed “business as usual” with your application.

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