The use of virtual classrooms is increasing

Dublin/Pune (India)  | In his analysis “Virtual Classroom – Global Market Outlook (2017-2026)”, updated this summer, the Irish market researcher assumes an annual growth rate of 18.2% for the global virtual classroom market. In 2017, the market had a market value of around 7.86 billion US dollars. Virtual classrooms form a software-based eLearning environment that enables conferences to be held.  Due to the presentable character of the Virtual Classrooms, the students can directly learn, interact and present themselves to each other.

According to the Irish market researcher Research and Markets, the reason for this growth is that the need for interaction and personalized learning experiences has increased. Especially in North America, the analyst expects the greatest growth in the coming years, as numerous educational institutions with high quality standards are active in mediation here.

If one compares the data from Research and Markets with other market studies, the picture expands. For example, the Indian market researcher MarketsandMarkets expects annual growth of 16.2 % in the forecast period 2019 to 2023 and puts the corresponding market at 9.3 billion US Dollar in 2018. If the forecast proves to be correct, according to the calculations of MarketsandMarkets a market value of 19.6 billion US dollars should be achieved at the end of 2023. The Indian market researcher assumes that universities are responsible for the largest part of sales, but at the same time assumes that the use of in-company training will increase significantly.

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