Tips for executives in digital times

Nowadays, the work environment is entirely different compared to a few decades ago. Before, it tended to be more static, and job descriptions were easier to understand. Today, jobs change significantly, and often, completely new professions, for example, in the area of artificial intelligence, are created. Furthermore, plenty of projects are international. Many keywords, like New Work, Home Office, or more flexible work models, have become part of everyday life for innovative companies. The following inspirational tips for executives emerge from the conditions mentioned above:

– Share your vision!

What is the goal of your organization, apart from making money? What is the purpose? What is the role of each employee? The economic thought behind all this is to make employees understand their specific role and purpose in the company. This way, they can apply themselves to this role. The motto for creative workspaces, in particular, is: The journey is the destination. For employees, however, the journey can only become the destination if they know the medium-to-long-term meaning of the job performed. In particular, what is it that needs to be done?

– Always provide as much information as possible!

Data is the oil of the 21st century. It also applies to company processes. Take these principles into account by providing employees with as much business-relevant data as possible. Who knows, maybe this way, company internal analysis can help to make interrelationships more apparent, which were concealed even from you.

– Justify decisions to your team!

How does trust form between managers and employees? Among other things, by making decisions transparent for everyone. It is worth to share a rationale now and then, this way, they are not arbitrary but become understandable.

– Embrace a mistake-tolerant culture! 

At a time that is shaped by agility, in which the matter-of-course becomes less of a thing during work processes, it is crucial to clarify that making mistakes is normal and part of working. This process is not as easy as expected, considering that the marking system in schools taught us the opposite.

– Pay attention to trends!

Key figures are crucial for business operations. Nothing is as convincing as being able to tell how each business value came to be. For the future, however, long-term market trends are the focus and must be the respective objective.

– Encourage people to develop and learn new things!

Sometimes only a small nudge in the form of encouragement is needed to get the ball rolling. Much is possible if the manager believes in the skills of their employees since it enables them to excel.

Image: © kasto