Agile working in a nutshell

Hagen im Bremischen | What skills for agile working are needed in companies today? – This article is intended to give an initial, by no means conclusive answer to this question in order to show what is important in the digitalization of the world of work.

– Sense of responsibility:

Self-organization is important when working agilely. This can only function properly if the employees take responsibility for their own actions, but also for entrepreneurial goals and set them above their own goals.

– Self-motivation:

Every member of an agile work structure must find ways of self-motivation for himself, since extrinsic motivation is not usually intended. In order to motivate yourself, you have to know yourself very well as a person and know what drives you. What do you really like to do and what are you good at? – These are the central questions for creating self-motivation.

– Communication skills:

When hierarchies lose significantly in relevance, as is the case with agile work, it is once again important that all participants talk to each other and do not talk at cross purposes. This also includes binding agreements, mutual encouragement, but also criticism.


Agile working is always teamwork. This can only work if the members are valued towards each other and focus on the strengths rather than the weaknesses of others.  And, of course, it is also essential to be able to appreciate oneself with its very own qualities.

– The ability to reflect:

Iterative loops draw the agile working with itself. For the employees involved, this means constantly questioning and improving the interim results. This process cannot be carried out satisfactorily without a deep form of reflection and critical ability.

– Relationship skills:

Intensive forms of cooperation such as agile work require the ability to relate on the part of all participants in the design process. This in turn includes meeting at eye level, temporarily switching off the personal competition mode and focusing more on the team result. If the points of view or results of another team member are more convincing, this must be accepted.

– Endurance:

Even if everything has to be done quickly, if agility is chosen as the working basis, it is still important not to be satisfied with the first results, but to continually adapt and optimise. Without staying power this is not affordable.

Image: © alfa27