Market study on eLearning IT infrastructure

Dublin/Houston (Texas) | The Irish market researcher Research and Markets forecasts an annual growth rate of 14.2% for eLearning IT infrastructure in its recently updated analysis “E-Learning IT Infrastructure Market: Global Industry Analysis, Trends, Market Size and Forecasts up to 2025”. Research and Markets cites the growing demand for distance learning and the continuous development of eLearning software applications as the main reasons for this. Thus the Irish market researcher arrives at a completely similar conclusion as the US market research firm Research N report that with an annual growth rate of 14% assumes only a slightly smaller growth rate.

The two market researchers agree that distance learning in particular is contributing to growth. According to Research N Reports, education providers have a lot of hope in adaptive learning systems, because they can respond individually to learners by technically reviewing and automatically considering the activities of learners and their respective learning paths.

Research N Reports also assumes that the eLearning infrastructure will grow most strongly in North America, China, Europe and India. Numerous international providers have set themselves the goal of massively increasing their market share in the coming years. In combination with the existing competition against smaller local providers, an interesting competition is likely to flare up, which is likely to take place on the levels of quality, technology and price.

Image: © foxyburrow