What is happening in academic eLearning?

Pune (India) | According to its updated analysis “Academic E-Learning – Global Market Outlook 2017-2026”, the Indian market researcher Premium Market Insights expects annual growth of 11.2% for the academic eLearning market. The market still had a market value of about 58.38 billion US dollars in 2017 and is expected to grow to approximately US dollar 151.78 billion by the end of 2026. The market for academic eLearning is defined in the course of the market study in such a way that it includes all electronically mediated learning.

The global market benefits mainly from continued eLearning implementation measures in universities and tends to continue to reduce the cost to learners, making online education affordable for a larger target group than before. Learners also benefit from eLearning to the extent that they do not have to commute to a university, or at least are less likely to do so. However, this would have an impact on growth in part of a lack of technical expertise, for example in relation to content creation.

In terms of world regions, the North American market is the largest of academic eLearning. According to Premium Market Insights, this is unlikely to change any time soon as the market continues to grow dynamically.

Image: © fgnopporn stock.adobe.com