15 % annual growth expected in the corporate eLearning market

Pune (India)/London/Selbyville (Delaware) | Corporate eLearning is growing much more dynamically than academic ones. So far so well known. In its analysis “Corporate E-Learning – Global Market Outlook 2017-2026”, which was updated this summer, the Indian market researcher Premium Market Insights concluded that the corporate eLearning market is growing by 15% annually over the forecast period. Is. The market researcher puts the market value at approximately 14.23 billion US dollars in 2017 and expects to reach approximately 49.87 billion US dollar in 2026.

If we compare the analysis of premium market insights with other market researchers and analyses, it becomes clear that the corporate eLearning market is growing almost twice as fast as the overall eLearning market. For example, UK market researcher Research for Markets estimates that the eLearning segment will grow by 7.5% annually from 2019-2022, and to be worth about 275.10 billion US dollar in 2022. The US market researcher Global Markets Insights provides similar figures for the global eLearning market as a whole, assuming an annual growth rate of 7% and a turnover of more than 300 billion US dollars in eLearning in 2025.

But back to corporate eLearning: According to Premium Market Insights, one of the key factors for growth is that eLearning is becoming more widespread in employee training worldwide. A global trend is reflected in the form of micro learning. For companies, eLearning training, for example, would offer large workforces good opportunities to respond quickly to changing market conditions for their own business model and the associated job requirements. Cost savings in the human resources sector can also be achieved in the medium term.

Geographically, Premium Market Insights highlights the importance of the US for the market, which it predicts will continue to grow immensely.

Image: © denisismagilov stock.adobe.com