Healthy growth for cloud-based collaboration software

New York | When was the last time you stored something locally on your computer? – Local storage has become a rarity for professionals. Instead, storage in the cloud dominates today, which brings advantages in automatic data backup and numerous opportunities for collaboration. And not unimportant: all colleagues always work with the latest version of a document. And there is hardly a student today who can do without tools such as Dropbox and Google Docs in his teamwork knowledge work. According to the recently published forecast “Cloud based collaboration software. Global demand analysis & opportunity outlook 2027” by US market researcher Research Nester, the global market for cloud-based collaboration software is expected to grow by an average of 11.19% per year between 2019 and 2027. The reason for this growth is in particular the continuing increase in the use of cloud-based collaboration software in companies, which is now also increasingly being used by small and medium-sized companies. For companies, these cloud applications are particularly useful because they can save time by automating processes and do without purchasing their own expensive infrastructure. Ultimately, says Reseach Nester, the driver of this growth is above all the increased user acceptance. They increasingly see added value in being able to exchange information and data with their colleagues and other departments in real time.

Most vendors of cloud-based software solutions are located in North America, according to Research Nester. However, the fastest growing market in the coming years will be the Asia-Pacific region, which is expected to approach North American size by 2027. In the Asia-Pacific region, analysts predict that small and medium-sized enterprises in China and India in particular will become new users. In particular, the BYOD approach, which has become more established in the meantime, is contributing to impressive growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Research Nester also expects strong market growth in the Middle East and Latin America. On the other hand, global concerns about data security on the part of the companies using the software would act as a barrier to the market. But in some regions the lack of sufficiently fast Internet connections is also a factor. But if the use of cloud-based collaboration software is growing, this does not leave company education cold. Because this is accompanied by numerous opportunities for initiating teamwork and knowledge transfer. Efficient teamwork and knowledge transfer, on the other hand, are in many cases essential for ensuring the business success of companies.

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