Top influencers of the corporate learning scene selected

New Delhi | American Jeanne Meister is the most influential influencer on the global corporate learning scene according to this year’s ranking by Indian consulting firm E-Learning Carnival. She has a high profile as a columnist in Forbes magazine and as a partner of the company “Future Workplace”. The ranking is based on the activities on LinkedIn and Twitter, the number of webinars and seminars held and the number of books and e-books published. E-Learning Carnival has taken up the cause of highlighting existing spheres of influence and does not assess intellectual achievements itself.

The British Jane Hart, founder of the “Centre for Modern Worplace Learning” and congress advisory board member of the Learntec in Karlsruhe, is in second place. With Harold Jarche, a former trainer for the Canadian army and partner in the corporate learning think tank “Internet Time Alliance” made it to third place. German actors, however, are not sought among the top fifty. Based on the ranking of “E-Learning Carnival”, Rebecca Stromeyer from Berlin, conference organizer of eLearning Africa, achieved 57th place. Shortly afterwards, Armin Hopp, founder of the language trainer Speexx, came 61st.

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