Global eLearning market in brilliant growth process?

Blairsville (Georgia) | In a new analysis, the US market researcher IT Intelligence Markets predicts average annual growth of 18% for the eLearning software market worldwide. The forecast period covers the year 2019 to 2026. In the corporate area of eLearning, this same market researcher makes a breakdown by various industries such as banking, telecommunications, healthcare and government and tries to show the relevance of the use in the respective sectors.

The forecast by IT Intelligence Markets is in line with a large number of other more positive forecasts, but, unlike other market researchers, assumes that growth will be more than twice as high in the coming years. Other market researchers, such as the British Research for Markets, the Irish Research and Markets and the American Global Market Insights, each expect annual growth of around 7% per year, but also include software-related services such as support and the like in their forecasts. Those who are right with their thorough analysis of the global market and the forecast based on it will show the future. In any case, the different assessments of the future prospects of the market also express a different methodology as well as independent assessments.

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