US market for eLearning continues to grow

Dublin/Washington | The largest market for eLearning is undisputedly the US market. The Irish market researcher Research and Markets comes now in the current analysis “E-Learning Market in the US 2018-2022” to the conclusion that the market grows in the appropriate prognosis period further by on the average 5.02% per year. This is particularly impressive given the already high market volume. Research and Markets sees the reason for this further growth in the development of advanced technologies such as virtual assistants or AR and VR. But also, in the growing interest of citizens in distance education with an academic focus, which often offers cost advantages for users.

Of course, the US market also plays an important role in the global eLearning market, as there are numerous tech companies that constantly drive innovation, but often also sell their programs and services globally. In this respect, the US market always has a significant impact on the global eLearning industry, which should be borne in mind.

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