Global market for adaptive learning software continues to grow rapidly

Pune (India) | A global average growth rate of 31.07% per year is forecast by analysts at the Indian market research company HTF Market Intelligence for Adaptive Learning Systems in a current analysis covering the forecast period up to 2021. The analysts thus come to a conclusion comparable to that of the Indian market research institute Research Fox, which recently announced an average growth rate of 29.72% per annum in a forecast extending to 2022. Research Fox put the market value of Adaptive Learning Software in the USA alone at 879.48 million dollars in 2017.

According to HTF Market Intelligence, the reason for the rapid growth is above all the increased demand for effective and efficient learning experiences in institutions and companies. The special feature of adaptive learning systems is not only that they enable individual learning for learners, but also that educators and company trainers are given the opportunity to obtain real-time data on their learners’ learning processes and can thus carry out a permanent evaluation and evaluation of knowledge acquisition. With the help of integrated analysis functions, Adaptive Learning Software can even predict the performance of learners in certain subjects. Students should be helped to choose their profession or studies and companies should be supported in setting up a cost-efficient structure.

Obstacles to growth, says HTF Market Intelligence, are above all the still high costs of adaptive learning software and the necessary high level of digital competence for administrators. This is hampering current growth, especially in developing countries.

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